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Our Origins

Origins of Hyde Park Unity Day

Hyde Park Unity Day is a day celebrating the people, culture and community of LS6.
In 1995 the area lost the ‘Newlands’ pub during riots, which attracted intense negative national media coverage which we as a community had to come to terms with.  Since 1996 we have benefited from the enthusiasm of close to a thousand team members (plus the hundreds of bands, performers and artists who all play for free and the unsung heroes who turn up to help).

Each year a new team evolves through social contacts and public meetings where any and all are welcome to join in to make a positive contribution of ideas and energy. As there are no paid members of this team, the professional manner in which Hyde Park Unity Day is organised is all the more impressive. It’s not just a question of taking people as you find them but where, how or what you leave them with.

We have a Management Committee to help us stay on course with budgeting and planning and Area Co-ordinators who organise the diverse areas which make a day everyone can enjoy. Every year there is a core of people that may have been involved in previous years, but we are always on the lookout for new talent. The event is paid for through grants and team fundraising, which has included car boots sales, gypsy and folk music nights, jumble sales, dub sound clashes, sponsored leg waxing and various band nights.

Hyde Park Unity Day is a ‘not for profit’ voluntary association.
It’s a condition of our licence that this a Local Community Event. We don’t advertise the date outside the area, including on the net. This is to keep numbers safe on the park. So many people have passed through LS6 and attended Unity Day that, there’s just not enough room for them all to come back on one day (which many were doing a few years ago.).


Photo by Stuart Glossop

Photo by Aaron Jones

Photo by Stuart Glossop
Music and performance selection policy 

1. Introduction
Hyde Park Unity Day has always included live music and performance as a core part of the event and we are finding large numbers of bands and musicians wanting to perform – more than can be fitted into the programme. This policy has been prepared in order to provide fair guidelines that help the management team decide which performers to select.

Full Policy here



Down Radio took this pic during their set.
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